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Dominican Republic is a land of charm with a warm climate, beautiful beaches and high mountains. A land of music and exquisite colors and pleasant people. Summarizes the best of the Caribbean: sea, coconut palms, mixture of races and cultures, where the sophistication of modernity can be found. Offer pure relaxation for those who wish to experience their holidays in full luxury.  play video Dominican Republic charm

Hispaniola Island is located in the heart of the Caribbean. It is the second in size in the Greater Antilles after Cuba.
Tourist areas vary from the city of Santo Domingo, one the most modern and populated capitals in the Caribbean.
Dominican Republic is also great and unique vacation spot, or for those who seek fine gastronomic experiences Have the curiosity to ascend highest mountains in the Caribbean.   See more go Dominican Republic Information
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Hotels Dominican Republic. Place for those who simply want to rest and enjoy the sun and beach, to discover the diversity of the national parks, dive or challenges of marine sports, or casinos and discotheques.

Entry Requirements Valid passport, a Tourist Card to be purchased on arrival for USD $10 each, and an embarkation form to be completed on arrival are required for entry. Make sure to have cash on hand for to pay for Tourist Card.

Airports Dominican Republic has many international airports throughout the country.
• Las Americas International Airport - serves Santo Domingo
• La Romana International Airport
• La Isabela International Airport - serves Santo Domingo
• El Catey International Airport - serves Samana
• Punta Cana International Airport
• Gregorio Luperon International Airport - serves Puerto Plata
• Santiago International Airport

Dominican Republic enjoys warm tropical weather year round. Depending on the location, an average day may see full sun or a sun/cloud mix. The average year-round temperatures are 78F / 24C  to  89F / 32C.
The cooler season is November through Apri,l while the temperature is at its warmest from May through October.

Dominican peso is the official currency of the Dominican Republic. However, the US$ dollar is accepted at most tourist establishments and is often preferred. Because the dollar is strong in the country, travelers can expect to find a good exchange rate. Currency may be exchanged at Casas de Cambio hours: 8 am to 8 pm, Banks hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm

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Major credit cards and travelers cheques are also accepted at most major tourist areas in the country. While ATMs are found in cities and at most resorts,. To avoid carrying a large amount of cash, travelers should bring a mix of payment options, as travel cheques and credit cards.

Drinking Age in the Dominican Republic is 18 years old.

Visitors over age 25 can easily rent a car as long as they have a valid driver's license. In fact, most of the popular rental agencies in North America and in Europe have offices in major cities in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Republic operates at 110 Volts/60 Hertz. However, because voltage irregularities are common in the country,
it is important that any computers you intend to use have surge protection.

Spanish is the official language of the Dominican Republic. Most employees in hotels and tourist destinations speak relatively good English and French.

Private taxis can be hired at all airports and through major hotels. Visitors should always agree on a rate before getting
into the taxi because not all vehicles are metered.

Most cellular phone companies offer service within the Dominican Republic. Telephones are widely available at resorts throughout the Dominican Republic. To call to the United States, Canada and Mexico from the country, visitors need only dial an area code and phone number as they would at home.
To call to Europe and South America from the country, visitors need dial 011 along with the area code and phone number.

Samana beach

The most beautiful beaches:

Cayo Levantado beach
Levantado is a small island located a few miles offshore from the town of Samana. Because it gets busy, it is recommended that visitors take the ferry early. It departs from the main port in Samana.

Las Terrenas beach
Located on the north coast of the Samana peninsula, Las Terrenas beach stretches one mile on either side of the town. Speckled with coconut palms, it's the perfect destination in which to enjoy a mix of sand, surf and shade. Casual restaurants are plentiful here, many of which are owned by expats from Europe especially France and North America.

Playa Bonita beach
A quiet eight mile beach located on the north side of Samana peninsula, Playa Bonita looks like something out of a movie set. Featuring white sand beach and clear turquoise waters, the area is framed by a few beach houses that only add to its charm.

Las Flechas beach
Playa Las Flechas translates to Beach of the Arrows. Legend has it this beach, located on the southeast tip of Samana peninsula, is named after a battle between Christopher Columbus and the Taino Indians, who occupied the land. A fairly quiet destination, Playa Las Flechas looks out onto Cayo Levantado.

Playa Rincon Conde beach
Travelers ranked this beach as one of the world's 10 best. It's so splendid, in fact, that many Dominicans refer to it as the most beautiful on the island. Over three miles long, Playa Rincon is surrounded by coconut palms and almond trees, not to mention high mountain on the end. Again, the best way to get to this isolated beach is by boat; a ride that is definitely worth it, the boat rides are available from Las Galeras.
Dominicana marine life

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The tourist diversity includes Puerto Plata, an old colonial port on the Atlantic. North coast, tens of small hotels
and restaurants in Sosua and Cabarete, charming hotels in Samana, residential communities and hotels in La Romana and Bayahibe and modern and luxurious hotels in Punta Cana, where are located most of all the resorts with a wide selection for all recreations.
The Golf Courses, have been designed mainly by great stars of this sport, some of these are cited on the list of excellence for the best Golf Courses in the world. Impressive scale of Golf makes Dominicana the main destination in the Caribbean.